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  1. take online bookings

    Take online bookings from anywhere

    With ResDiary you can take free bookings from your website, facebook page, our portal Book.ResDiary and iPhone Apps. 

  2. Sell Vouchers from your own web site

    In ResDiary you have the ability for your restaurant or establishment to sell vouchers to your customers. Commonly, these could be gift vouchers, special deals or offers that you would like your customers to pay for in advance.

  3. magic search

    Magic Search

    The Search function covers every aspect of your diary, whether you need to find a name, a booking, locate a function within the system or run a report – Search takes you to exactly the right place in the system.

  4. Print

    ResDiary now has a print facility, making your printouts more readable and more useful. You can even filter the areas or services that you wish to print.

  5. Close-out

    Close out areas or services you want, or get into finer detail with Diary CloseOuts Mode, allowing you to select individual time slots right on the diary.

  1. Manage Restaurant Areas

    Take control and monitor of all the areas in your restaurant. You can also drag and drop bookings between areas. 

  2. custom email notifications

    Custom confirmation / notification emails

    ResDiary can send an Email or an SMS to confirm your customers' bookings, remind them 24hrs before and request a review afterwards.  

  3. Meal Status

    In the new diary you can set the Meal status which will add an icon to the end of the booking. Now your staff will know at a glance if the customers are waiting for their starters, or ready to pay. Once the table is empty and turned around you can set the table to Ready, for another booking.

  4. search availability

    Search Availability

    You can now dive into Search Availability right from the "Book" drop down button. Search availability within any given time range or area in your restaurant or across your group.

  5. Walk-In

    It is easy to make a walk-in booking with a few clicks, either via the iPad host app or diary.

  1. Always free bookings to your diary

    We have never charged our customers for bookings to their restaurant, just a fixed monthly fee.

  2. Calendar

    With one click you can go to any day in the next four days or jump back to today from whichever day you were looking at; with a single click you can see a calendar for this month and next month – one more click takes you to any day in those two months 

  3. pax and covers

    PAX/Cover capacity

    ResDiary lets you specify exactly how many covers or bookings you want to take in every timeslot during your services – and you can see exactly how many covers are booked against the maximum set for any timeslot, just by hovering over the timeslot.

  4. Drag and Drop

    You can now drag and drop bookings, allowing you to move tables or drag arrivals off of Expected Arrivals.

  5. Filter

    Do you want to quickly see all the bookings on the diary with a comment? or a Promotion? Using filters you can see exactly what you want to know.

  6. Shortcuts

    As well as Magic Search we have created Shortcuts to help speed up your workflow. Want to see your running order? Press R, Want to go back to Today? Press T.

  1. manager and host apps

    Manager & Host Smartphone & iPad App

    Restaurant managers are busy people – so we have made it easy for you to see your bookings through your mobile phone. Not every restaurant has space for a dedicated PC or laptop – which is why we built the Host iPad App.

  2. Manage Group

    ResDiary is ideal for groups of restaurants, with our Group Central reservation facility allowing you to enter bookings into any diary in a group of diaries without having to logout of one and login to another.

  3. validated feedback

    Free micro-site with validated feedback

    With ResDiary you also get a responsive micro-website. This microsite is generated using information you have set in the diary back office. The microsite will show the reviews submitted by your guests. 

  4. Table Plan

    We have a fantastic Table Plan. Drag bookings between tables, drag expected arrivals onto their table and choose from over 20+ artefacts to recreate your restaurant

  5. Booking Details

    If you click on a booking you can check or edit the booking details, change the arrival status, confirm or delete the booking and much more.


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